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Survey on Perceptions and Knowledge of Corruption (SPEAK) 2017

Survey on Perceptions and Knowledge of Corruption (SPEAK) 2017

Publiser: Sant Maral
Date: 2017-02-01

from March to June 2017, the asia foundation, in collaboration with Sant-Maral foundation, conducted its eighteenth Survey on perceptions and knowledge of corruption (Speak) in Mongolia, a nationwide survey of citizens in rural soums, aimags, and the capital city ulaanbaatar. Since March 2006 the survey has gathered data and provides a unique view as citizen perception and experience with corruption have changed over time. this survey is conducted in an effort to better understand the scope and public perception of corruption, and evaluate the changes in public attitudes toward corruption, the incidence of corruption at the household level, and government progress in implementing reforms that will combat corruption in Mongolia. through this annual survey we hope to provide a deeper understanding of a key issue in Mongolia, while also contributing to the knowledge environment for policymaking and programming as the Mongolian government further develops its anti-corruption policies.

The Speak is an integral part of the global affairs canada funded Strengthening democratic participation and t ransparency in the public Sector in Mongolia (StepS) project implemented by the asia foundation. the Speak survey builds on the semi-annual corruption benchmarking survey conducted under the uSaid-funded Stage and MacS project. known from 2006 to 2011 as the Mongolia corruption Benchmarking Survey, it was renamed Speak in 2012. the survey measures public perceptions and understanding of corruption, grand corruption, government institutions, and the size and impact of petty corruption on the day-to-day life of Mongolian households.

This is the second of three annual Speak surveys that will be conducted over the period of the StepS project. the survey serves as a backbone to evidence-based programming, informing the project of changes at critical stages of the program. the Speak survey is extensively disseminated to a broad range of public, private as well as civil society stakeholders and triggers public discussions on transparency, accountability, and corruption. the longitudinal design of the survey helps to track long-term changes and trends in perceptions and attitudes. additionally, the Speak survey is complemented by the foundation’s Study of private perceptions of corruption (Stopp) which is designed to capture data on perceptions of corruption in the business sector. as part of the StepS project, a survey on transparency, ethics, and corruption issues in Mongolia’s education sector was released in april, 2017. t ogether, the surveys and other project research provide a broad picture of the level of corruption in Mongolia.

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