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Study of Private Perceptions of Corruption (STOPP) October 2017

Study of Private Perceptions of Corruption (STOPP) October 2017

Publiser: Sant Maral
Date: 2017-01-30

In October 2017, The Asia Foundation, in collaboration with the Sant Maral Foundation (SMF), conducted its eighth installment of the Study of Private Sector Perceptions of Corruption (STOPP) Survey in Mongolia, a survey of businesses based in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

The survey is an integral part of the Strengthening Democratic Participation and Transparency in the Public Sector in Mongolia (STEPS) project, funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by The Asia Foun- dation. STOPP attempts to show, based on the perceptions of the business community, how the business community is being affected by corruption. It captures information on the business environment and op- portunities for reforms both within the private and public sectors, as well as between them when they conduct business together. The longitudinal design of the survey helps track long-term changes and trends in perceptions and attitudes.

The survey aims to provide a unique and robust tool to raise awareness, and further encourage the business community, policymakers, and especially government service providers to continue to improve good-governance practices, change attitudes, and prevent corruption. Additionally, the STOPP Survey is complemented by The Asia Foundation’s Survey on Perceptions and Knowledge of Corruption (SPEAK), a nationwide survey of citizens to measure public perceptions and understandings of corruption. Together, the two surveys provide a broad picture of the level of corruption in Mongolia. The STOPP Survey will be conducted annually over the period of STEPS project.

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