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Sant Maral Foundation’s working group for public opinion research has conducted a wide range of surveys since 1995. We investigate public opinion on various political, economic, and social issues.

About us

Our success and experience

The Sant Maral Foundation (SMF) was established in September 1994 as a public benefit, self-governing, non-profit non-government organization.

The goal of the foundation is to contribute to Mongolia's social development geared towards the creation of a society based upon the principles of freedom, justice, and democracy. Since its formation, SMF established itseld as the premier Mongolian polling institution in the country.

Since knowledge is regarded as one of the most democratic driving forces of today, SMF pays special attention to free information flows. Activity of SMF and its board members focuses also on such issues as political education, self-reliance and self-governance initiatives support - to assist people in a volatile time of transition.

The Foundation's role is to provide unbiased and reliable information on changes occurring during the transitional time of Mongolian Society. In our surveys we investigate public opinion on various political, economic, and social issues. With the help of other democratic organisations in Mongolia the Foundation encourages civil participation in the democratisation process in Mongolia through opening new information channels and strengthening civil participation in decision-making process.

For this purpose, in spring 1995 the Foundation created a working group for public opinion research. Since then, the SMF Research Centre has conducted a wide range of opinion polls and research studies. The reports from these surveys are widely published and distributed.

SMF has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable and politically unbiased polling organizations, and has made accurate predictions on the outcome of Parliamentary and Presidential Elections through 1996-2013.


Politbarometer assesses the political environment in Mongolia, and smaller electoral surveys about voter’s intentions are conducted during election years.


Surveys assessing general well-being, perceptions of corruption, human trafficking, environmental issues, and gender related research.


Public perceptions of the national economy, financial needs assessments, and banking attitudes.

Key Members

Sumati Luvsandendev
Mina Sumati
Sergelen Tsogt-Ochir
Research Director
Prohl Werner